PREMISE: A mysterious alien lands on earth. A cosmic being, driven by will, who desires to experience what the human race is all about. It begins with him landing in the desert, and coming into contact with a manifestation of earth deities(after ingesting enough peyote to cause even Terence McKenna to wince), who introduce him to this planets underlying principles, and instruct him to help the world on it’s evolutionary path. That’s an over complicated way of saying he has one hell of an insightful trip. After this "information download", he’s off on his merry way to go and fix reality as we know it. Eventually he gets entangled with some rather unenlightened G-men, and any number of weird technologies they’ve been hiding from the public(que action scenes!), continues his path of cosmic shenanigans(spooky, spooky mojo mischief!), and hopefully manages to turn this place into the utopia that it needs to be. An ongoing series of at least 40+ issues, full color, with no publication deal as-yet. Which means if you likey, and are associated with any publishing companies, let us know.